Your Friend’s Face Could be Your New Password!

So long, it had been that one had to write some personal codes or passwords in order to open his or her account and keep it personally secured to his own.

This was even very much prone to cybercrimes as the passwords could be easily traced at times by the hackers.

Now, a recent report is saying that there has been found a much more developed ‘authentication system’ that uphold the facility of the identification of the various familiar faces by the users. That is, the user has to identify the faces that will be shown to them instead of typing out the password.

The faces that the users need to identify will be none other than the familiar ones with whom the users have been well acquainted with.

This type of authentication process has been the outcome of the several detailed researches and tests that had the common result proclaiming that human quality of recognition of the faces that are familiar to them amongst the millions and millions of human faces.

A particular individual can even identify the image of the person who is very known to him, very easily, even if the image quality is very poor. At the other side, experimentation tells that one cannot even identify the unfamiliar faces shown thousands times to them. Also even the different images of the same unfamiliar person might appear to be of all different personalities for him.

This psychology has been used to build up the new authentication system that is known as the ‘Facelock’ system. The system developers have built up this lock system that is created by a ‘set of faces’ that seem to be familiar to only and only to the particular user.

How does it work?

  • The user by himself selects out few of the very familiar faces of the individuals whom he knows very well, but who are not so well acquainted with the other people.
  • If the user can identify the faces successfully, the system grants him the power to access, else doesn’t.

The entire authentication Lock system consists of ‘series of face grids’ with every grid having only one face familiar to the user while the rest being unfamiliar.

A fraud will find it very difficult to find the key to the solution, while the legitimate user can find it trivial as he can simply get access by touching the familiar face out of the crowd.


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