Top 3 Online Backup Providers

In this article, we will have a review of 3 best online backup providers.

With growing technology; we have replaced photo albums with computer to save photos. We use computers more than file holders for our confidential documents and typical mp3 players for music collection.

Everything became more convenient and easier to manage. But with technology one basic flaw always comes and that is security issues. You never know when your hard disc will get damaged or corrupted or get lost, thus it is essential to always have proper backup for all your data.

Internet is forever and ever, hence a good decision is to save and backup all your data online using online backup providers.

Competition is increasing in every field and with that confusion and dilemma for novice users also increases. There are numerous online backup providers with their different security criteria.

Top 3 online backup providers

Here is the list of 3 best online backup providers.

  • MyPC Backup
  • JustCloud
  • CrashPlan

online backup storage providers

MyPC backup

MyPC backup is considered best among all options available out there in market for the online backup ability. Usually is any file deleted, user can restore it back from the recycle bin but if it is deleted from that also user is helpless.

But not anymore as by using this cloud or online backup provider facility one can secure their data and save it from any mishap.

MyPC Backup is known for its tremendous performance and some of the features which make it above all other options are

Automation MyPC backup gives you liberty to store your data without the limitation of physical devices. It takes no time to make a secure copy of your original data and safely store it in its unlimited storage in fully automation manner.

Unlimited capacity to store Usually physical external backup devices have certain memory limit up to which one can store their data but by using online backup provider service one cannot face such problem. MyPC backup provider gives you unlimited storage capacity, this way you can easily store your tons of music or photos.

Privacy and security of data MyPC backup’s unique feature is that it uses the same technology as used by many banks for encrypting their confidential matter and data. Encrypted data is always a better option for security purposes.

File type restrictions are not available Other online backup providers have certain guidelines for saving only particular types of files. But with MyPC backup user have liberty to save any file type even those with graphics and non-common executable extensions.

File restoration is simple MyPC backup gives easy and simple way out for restoring all those files which might get accidently deleted or moved somewhere accidently. From control panel one can easily restore those back to their original locations.

MyPC backup provider is also very reputed for its customer service. The official website of this provider has Help center where customer can ask for any sort of query regarding the working of this backup service. They provide simple steps for novice users how to use this service.

MyPC backup provider have some amazing video tutorials where a demo of how things work in that backup provider is explained properly. Thus, for those who are not computer wizard this seems like a very good option to start backing up with.


JustCloud is second best online backup provider which has all the qualities and potential to store and safely restore all your confidential data. It includes desktop application service where user can easily saves all the files on cloud with no problem of storage capacity what-so-ever.

The best quality of JustCloud is that it is platform independent that is one can store and use this application from any device whether blackberry, iPhone and Windows. Some of the features of this service are as follows:

Just like every other physical storage device, you don’t have to store each and every file one by one. JustCloud automatically saves all available data initially on computer and then on cloud in encrypted format which increases its security potential.

The best feature of this service is that user doesn’t have to click one by one step to get job done. JustCloud works in background and do all the tough work independently.

JustCloud use Google cloud platform for its processing, as security is the crucial step and feature of any service. Knowing that your data is in Google hands, this can be a plus point for selecting this provider among others.


Next is a backup provider which already established itself in market above all other options due to its amazing features and options that are offered.

It is platform independent which gives user liberty to use it on any operating system including Windows, Linux and MAC. Many mobile operating systems can also take benefit out of this service.

Unlike other backup providers, CrashPlan have both free and paid versions.

Free version have fare amount of disadvantage and advantages. Free version doesn’t allow saving data online instead it gives a unique twist by letting user save its data on some other system (maybe a friend or workplace computer). It may help in backing up the data but also lets your data to be shared with different systems as well which may question its security.

On the other hand, the paid version of CrashPlan allows online servers with unlimited storage capacity in $50-60, which will help you to save ample amount of data safely. Limited plans are also available but with storage the money differs as well.

CrachPlan provides an attractive interface which is totally user-friendly where user can easily check their backup status, finds out which files are stored yet and which are in queue.

It also helps the user to give customized options where he can decide where he wants to store the files. Even if we don’t select the files one by one, it provides automatic backup facility where one can make backup of system files as well.

448-key encryption software is used in this backup provides which gives better security options by encoding the data. This way your data will never goes to wrong hands.

So this was the list of top 3 online backup providers. Which one would you choose? Do let us know in comments.