How to remove system doctor 2014 from your PC?

How to remove system doctor 2014

Here in this guide we will show you what is System doctor 2014 and how to remove system doctor 2014 from your PC. System doctor 2014 is a type of malicious anti-malware program that is designed especially to con users. System doctor 2014 has a unique capability to dodge the user by pretending of being […]

How to Reset or unfreeze an iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or iPod Shuffle?

how to unfreeze an ipod

If you are facing issues with your iPod, this article is for you. Let me show you how to unfreeze an iPod. This tutorial to unfreeze an iPod applies to iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and iPod Shuffle. Ever since the discovery of gadgets, people are drawn towards it and its demand is gradually […]

How to Setup Remote Desktop on Windows XP?

setting up remote desktop Windows XP

If you are using Windows XP and wondering how to set up remote desktop in your Windows XP PC, then here is a complete guide. Follow this step by step for setting up remote desktop. The ability to control and access another computer from your computer is known as remote desktop facility. All operating systems […]

How to Optimize the Paging File in Windows


This article explains the steps to optimize paging file in Windows 7. What is the point of buying expensive computer with more RAM when eventually it will lose its performance simply because you set it all wrong? User needs to set virtual memory properly to get maximum performance benefit out of the computer. Hard drive […]

Top 5 iPhone Apps in 2014

Flipagram top 5 iPhone apps

Apple has established their mark over the world by producing some of the finest and advanced technologies. For all the tech-savvy iPhone users, apps are like a drug which they are addicted to. Everyday a new app for iPhone is launched and competition increases, but some apps have managed to rule out of the crowd […]

Best Free Android Apps of 2014

top 10 free app silencify

Here is the list of 10 best free apps for your Android smartphones and tablets. 1. AppSurfer Price: Free This application is a discovery tool that helps showcases the applications and additional benefit of this app is that it will let the user try it before downloading it. To use this app is very easy […]

Top 10 Tips to Save Battery of Your Smartphone

save smartphone battery

Smartphones have become a part of our lives without which we are unable to manage. This is mainly due to a lot of functionality and features packed in them. However, the major reason behind dissatisfaction among smartphone users is poor battery life of these devices. The most annoying thing is to charge your phone battery […]

Your Friend’s Face Could be Your New Password!

So long, it had been that one had to write some personal codes or passwords in order to open his or her account and keep it personally secured to his own. This was even very much prone to cybercrimes as the passwords could be easily traced at times by the hackers. Now, a recent report […]

Top 3 Online Backup Providers

online backup storage providers

In this article, we will have a review of 3 best online backup providers. With growing technology; we have replaced photo albums with computer to save photos. We use computers more than file holders for our confidential documents and typical mp3 players for music collection. Everything became more convenient and easier to manage. But with […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review

samsung galaxy note 12.2 review

How much big a tablet can be? This is a question that you need to ask yourself when you plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. If you look at the screen size of this tablet, then you will find it quite big as compared to the other tablets available in the market. […]