How to Restore Deleted Files

How to Restore Deleted Files

If you accidentally deleted an important file, you would want know how to restore deleted files on your computer. Try to restore the deleted files as soon as possible. The more it’s delayed, harder it becomes to restore the files back. Generally, people think that once data is deleted permanently, it can never be restored. […]

How to Claim Stolen or Lost Phones from Asurion Service?

Asurion PhoneClaim

A third party insurance company that helps to cover the insurance of your smartphones, Asurion is a name which is known for its consumer technology protection services. Asurion holds a leading stand all over the continents. It has employed more than 5000+ dynamic workers and is popular enough to have 95 million users […]

Why Tablet PC’s are so Popular

tablet PCs

With the growing advancement in the technology, people can now have all the benefits that they get from the use of desktop or laptops in one portable device. These devices are referred to as Tablet PC’s. In this busy world, Tablet PC’s provide speed, convenience, portability and accessibility when performing any action over it. These […]

Top 5 Media Player Software for PC

top 5 media players softwares

Now-a-days, we use several media file formats to play the files such as MP3, MP4, MPEG, AVI, etc. The major difference between these file formats is the way they definite the quality of an audio or a video file. From internet, you can download huge number of media file – songs, movies, videos etc. for […]

Malwarebytes Antimalware Review

malwarebytes antimalware review

Malwarebytes AntiMalware, an anti-spyware software program is known for its simplified approach to PC security and ease of use. It is capable enough to detect all renowned risks and most stealth malware, or actively hide infections on your system. Its exclusion effectiveness is furthermore decent, with the proficiency to eliminate most of the risks it […]

USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 7 or 8

USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 7 or 8

USB Device Not Recognized In Windows 7 or 8: This error occurs in Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as older Windows operating systems. What happens here is that when you try to connect a USB device to your laptop or PC, there is a pop up error message that says “USB Device Not Recognized” […]

How to Add Google Maps Driving Directions to Your Blog or Website

Google Maps Driving Directions

Although there are numerous apps and services for driving directions, but Google maps is the best. People use the web version on PC as well as the mobile version on smartphones and tablets. Google maps driving directions are accurate and works everywhere. They also provide best information for walking and biking as well. Google’s street […]