5 Best Free Panorama Software

top free panorama Software

Panorama is a photo stitching concept that considers multiple images and combines them to create one single landscape image. It is like an overlapping procedure to memorize scenery in one image. Many tools are available that helps merge multiple images but creating high resolution and wide angled picture is not an easy task. For a […]

Plenty of Fish POF Dating App Review

Plenty of fish review

POF dating app is one of the largest free dating app with more than fifty million users keenly looking for casual dating and serious relationships. It is a very well-designed dating app with so many unique, interesting and remarkable features and capabilities. Basically, people can start by providing some essential profile information such as marital […]

What is the Difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

USB 2.0 vs 3.0

USB is an industry standard for creating connections between computers, computer peripherals and other devices supporting USB. It’s functionality includes detecting, loading and identifying the genuine and potential software drivers which suits best for particular USB devices. USB is short for Universal Serial Bus, a data transfer device that manages power according to its versions […]

How to Password Protect Files and Folders on PC

Password Protect Files Folders

You must be having some personal data on your PC or laptop that you won’t like to share with anyone. In that case, you can password protect your files and folders. Find out how. If your computer or laptop is being used by other people, then you definitely need to password protect your personal data […]

How to Restore Deleted Files

How to Restore Deleted Files

If you accidentally deleted an important file, you would want know how to restore deleted files on your computer. Try to restore the deleted files as soon as possible. The more it’s delayed, harder it becomes to restore the files back. Generally, people think that once data is deleted permanently, it can never be restored. […]

How to Fix Blue Screen Memory Dump Error in Windows?

Blue Screen Memory Dump Error

What is blue screen memory dump error and how to fix it? The blue screen memory dump is an error that pops up on screen before system trying to reboot, changing its color to blue because of multiple reasons due to which operating system stops working properly. Due to this all the content of the […]

How to Share Directions from Google Maps in Android

Share driving directions Google maps

Version 9.3 of Google Maps allows you to share point to point driving directions with others. Find out below how you can share your Google Maps driving directions using Android. This is a great new feature that lets you share your Google Maps driving directions with anyone – regardless of if they are using Android […]

How to Claim Stolen or Lost Phones from Asurion PhoneClaim.com Service?

Asurion PhoneClaim

A third party insurance company that helps to cover the insurance of your smartphones, Asurion PhoneClaim.com is a name which is known for its consumer technology protection services. Asurion PhoneClaim.com holds a leading stand all over the continents. It has employed more than 5000+ dynamic workers and is popular enough to have 95 million users […]

Why Tablet PC’s are so Popular

tablet PCs

With the growing advancement in the technology, people can now have all the benefits that they get from the use of desktop or laptops in one portable device. These devices are referred to as Tablet PC’s. In this busy world, Tablet PC’s provide speed, convenience, portability and accessibility when performing any action over it. These […]

Top 5 Media Player Software for PC

top 5 media players softwares

Now-a-days, we use several media file formats to play the files such as MP3, MP4, MPEG, AVI, etc. The major difference between these file formats is the way they definite the quality of an audio or a video file. From internet, you can download huge number of media file – songs, movies, videos etc. for […]