How to remove fake msiexec.exe virus from PC?


Msiexec.exe is a genuine system part of Microsoft Windows and is a legitimate part of the installer component of the Windows whose main functionality involves installing new programs into the system which have MSI package files in it. This component is located in the System32 folder of Windows and is difficult to remove as it […]

Password Manager: What is it and How to Use it?

password manager Software

What is Password Manager? As the name sounds, it is software that helps to generate passwords and PIN codes for security purposes of your computer. It follows a local database that contains all the encrypted password data that can be used for setting passwords for not only computers but also for networks and websites. Password […]

What is Trojan Horse and How to Remove it from PC

trojan horse virus

Most of you may already have heard of a trojan horse. But do you really know what is a trojan horse? Some people think that it’s same as a computer virus. However, that’s not true. a Trojan horse is different than a virus. Trojan Horse: What is it? A Trojan horse is a malicious program […]

Best Tips to Protect your Computer from Malware

protect pc from malware

Malware is a piece of code or software that will run on your computer system without your knowledge and is capable of doing irreversible harm to it. Possible examples of various malware are trozan horses, spywares, viruses, etc. Although it’s not a virtually impossible task to protect and get rid of the various malicious code […]

4 Best Tips for Computer Maintenance

computer maintenance tips

Your computer is not just a machine to entertain you and keep you occupied, but at the same time it’s also meant for some serious business. For some people’s, it’s their daily bread and butter. Since we know that it’s an important piece of equipment, how do we ensure that it’s running fit and fine […]

Micro USB: What is it and Why You Need it?


If you are wondering what is Micro USB and why it is used, this article is just for you. In the world of vast technology, where laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras etc are being operated, there exists a need of data transfer between these devices. Universal Serial Bus or a USB is used for the […]

How to Manage Music on Android

manage music android smartphone

Although an iPod is considered the best device for music lovers but sometimes Android users do not want to carry two devices along with them. With an iPod, you can just use iTunes to organize, sync and manage your music. But with android smartphone, there’s no one single app that lets you manage everything. This […]

Nokia Lumia 1520 Review

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 offers an extraordinary combination of two factors that make it an excellent product. First, it is a windows phone. Second factor is that it is a big phone that makes it known as phablets. Lets have a detailed look at Nokia Lumia 1520. Appearance and Experience Nokia Lumia is the first large […]

How to Remove Norton Products Using the Norton Removal Tool?

norton removal tool download

Norton removal tool, popularly abbreviated SymNRT is a program promoted by Symantec Corporation to remove some of or all Norton software on the computer. Here in this article, we will show you how you can use this Norton Removal Tool to remove any of the Norton products from your PC. When you buy a PC/laptop/tablet […]

OpenDNS – What is OpenDNS and Why You Need It?

What is OpenDNS

If you want to increase your internet speed a bit and improve the Internet security as well, you may want to know what is OpenDNS. Read on to find out! Whenever you type name of any website in the address bar of your browser, your machine doesn’t know what it is and hence it refers […]