Top 10 Tips to Save Battery of Your Smartphone

save smartphone battery

Smartphones have become a part of our lives without which we are unable to manage. This is mainly due to a lot of functionality and features packed in them. However, the major reason behind dissatisfaction among smartphone users is poor battery life of these devices. The most annoying thing is to charge your phone battery […]

Your Friend’s Face Could be Your New Password!

So long, it had been that one had to write some personal codes or passwords in order to open his or her account and keep it personally secured to his own. This was even very much prone to cybercrimes as the passwords could be easily traced at times by the hackers. Now, a recent report […]

Top 3 Online Backup Providers

online backup storage providers

In this article, we will have a review of 3 best online backup providers. With growing technology; we have replaced photo albums with computer to save photos. We use computers more than file holders for our confidential documents and typical mp3 players for music collection. Everything became more convenient and easier to manage. But with […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Review

samsung galaxy note 12.2 review

How much big a tablet can be? This is a question that you need to ask yourself when you plan to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. If you look at the screen size of this tablet, then you will find it quite big as compared to the other tablets available in the market. […]

PngCrush: What is it and How to Use it?

What is PngCrush? PngCrush is a command-line utility to optimize PNG image files. It is open source application and is free of cost. The resultant image will have the same quality as of the original source image but the size will be reduced. Its mechanism involves a blend of different compression methods and filters that […]

What is a Rootkit Virus and How to Remove it?

Rootkit is a malicious program that usually hides the presence of certain programs and applications running in your computer and provides unauthorized access to your system by anyone. Once anyone get administrative access to the computer anyone can load rootkit virus into the system, afterwards the abnormal functionality of the computer gives full guarantee that […]

How to remove fake msiexec.exe virus from PC?


Msiexec.exe is a genuine system part of Microsoft Windows and is a legitimate part of the installer component of the Windows whose main functionality involves installing new programs into the system which have MSI package files in it. This component is located in the System32 folder of Windows and is difficult to remove as it […]

Password Manager: What is it and How to Use it?

password manager Software

What is Password Manager? As the name sounds, it is software that helps to generate passwords and PIN codes for security purposes of your computer. It follows a local database that contains all the encrypted password data that can be used for setting passwords for not only computers but also for networks and websites. Password […]

What is Trojan Horse and How to Remove it from PC

trojan horse virus

Most of you may already have heard of a trojan horse. But do you really know what is a trojan horse? Some people think that it’s same as a computer virus. However, that’s not true. a Trojan horse is different than a virus. Trojan Horse: What is it? A Trojan horse is a malicious program […]

Best Tips to Protect your Computer from Malware

protect pc from malware

Malware is a piece of code or software that will run on your computer system without your knowledge and is capable of doing irreversible harm to it. Possible examples of various malware are trozan horses, spywares, viruses, etc. Although it’s not a virtually impossible task to protect and get rid of the various malicious code […]